Friday, September 12, 2014

Our Kitchen Reveal {& Giveaway}

Well, we've been in our new apartment for just over a month and we are finally starting to see the floor.  Yes, we still have The Chaos in many rooms in our home, but one room is finally done: the kitchen.  I would have to say that the kitchen was probably one of my biggest sources of stress because we had to fit everything from this, this, this into a galley kitchen. 

We decided to keep the green, orange, and teal theme going from our kitchen in Connecticut 1. for simplicity and 2. because we have so many fun things we've collected to match like this embroidery hoop I won in a giveaway from Alyssa and this mug from a mug swap with Kerry.  
Well, here it is!

Yeah, you know you like my princess stool.  This thing has been with me since freshman year of college when this little 5' tall girl freaked out when she had 9' tall built in closets and had to run out to Target and find something to help.  Now we have 9' ceilings again, and it has a permanent place in our kitchen!

Making it extra special are those new prints you see on the wall from 7-Wonders Design.  Yes, I know I jumped the gun a little bit with The Taylors' Kitchen, but I just couldn't wait to get them up!  

7-Wonders Design is a fantastic Etsy shop run by Leslie.  She creates original, modern, fine art prints, which specialize in inspirational, personalized, family and children's home decor.  She was also featured on MSN Living in their post: "21 Adorable Finds For Your Little One;" how cool is that?!

Leslie has been kind enough to give away a $25 shop credit to 7-Wonders Design.  Enter below with the Rafflecopter widget - good luck!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wedding Wednesday How To: Seating Charts

Guys, we are T-minus 11 days to the wedding.  We are just about wrapping everything up, and from my last wedding list update a few weeks ago, the only things we are still working on are: picking up the marriage license when we get back in a week, wrapping all of the bridal party gifts, finishing up calligraphy for the place cards, assembling the favors, and finishing finding my something old-new-borrowed-blue. 

One thing we Mike completely finished since my last update was the seating chart.  This guy was on his game; even the wedding planner didn't believe he did it all himself!  Using the Post Its was so effective and made it so easy to visualize everything and move people around.

All you need is:
- Poster board
- Something round to draw the tables
- Pen or Sharpie
- Post-it Page Markers or tabs in a different color for each meal choice
- Your master wedding invitation list with meal choices

How To:
1. Start with a table layout map from your reception venue and transfer it onto your poster board.
2. Write each person's name on a Post-it and color code them for each meal.  For example we had: blue for sirloin and shrimp; orange for pumpkin and sage ravioli; pink for gluten free; and green for kids' meals.
3. Start sticking!  Instead of sticking people around a table, we chose to stick dates together horizontally to make sure they moved together.  
4. Double, triple, quadruple count the number of people, meals, and seats at each table before submitting anything!

The finished product!

I was not compensated by Post-it in any way for this post... though I should have been.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Football Season means.... HARD CIDER

And Fantasy Football.  BOOM The Rhody Roosters [I need a new SC-inspired name] and Mr. and Mrs. Moose are both 1-0! 

We love cider in our house and will go out of our way to try any cider we can possibly find.

Sorry, Radlers and Gin Buckets, it's time for your favorite apple-flavored friend.  Even though we might not be able to go apple picking this year or go to UConn football games, we definitely plan to enjoy any cider variety we can get our hands on.  

I can't wait to start sharing the few we've gotten our hands on over the past few weeks, but in the mean time, here are a few past cider posts to wet your appetite:

Fall 2013 Part II
Fall 2013 Part I
Summer 2013
Fall 2012

Now, do you have any hard cider favorites I need to try??

Monday, September 8, 2014

Turn Down for WHAT

Sooooo, this weekend, we got to live the rich life.  My work had our big golf and gala event out at Kiawah Island, and somehow we hit the jackpot, and they paid for us to stay where the high bidders stayed on Friday and Saturday night: The Sanctuary Hotel, which came with all of the perks.  Yeah, I knew I picked this job for a reason.  It was glorious.  
my day Friday was spent making Bloody Marys, drinking beer, and driving around the golf course

this country club winning my heart with candy bars all over the place 

gala with my team
and this is where we stayed...

room view

you know it's fancy when there's a bathtub with shutters to the main bedroom... and it was a glorious bathtub

The Sanctuary Hotel

I could live like this...

As if turndown service, free drinks, and beautiful views weren't enough, the hotel rented out Mercedes SL 550s for free to guests.  Yeah, we took advantage and cruised back to the Ocean Course for dinner.  

Ocean Course Fizz and seafood for me!
Our mode of transportation changed slightly on Sunday when we went for an 8-mile bike ride down the beach and around the island.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Flashback Friday: Luxembourg Part 2

A few weeks ago, I shared Part 1 of study abroad trip during the summer of 2009.  Here's the second half of my adventure...

Field trip to World War II Luxembourg American and German cemeteries for American Memorial Day

Field trip to Bonn, Germany
Beethoven's hometown
Meeting with the Mayor of Luxembourg in Lux City

Weekend in Paris
Basilica de Sacre Coeur

The Louvre

Mona Lisa!

Notre Dame

Eiffel Tower

Mass at Notre Dame
Musee d'Orsay

Fritillaries by Van Gogh

Field trip to Strasbourg, France

Wine Tasting in Luxembourg

Fields around our residence in Mondorf Les Baines
Channeling Maria Von Trapp

Jumping fences to hang out with cows
We stayed at Am Klouschter, a hotel which once was a kloster [or monastery] for nuns, in which nuns still live on the top floor
our room

view from our room

the lawn outside where we played badminton or volleyball every day after class
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